Service Positions Auckland

Runs groups email
Remind group of and report at conscience meetings
Announces service opportunities are available
Open closes meeting
Safeguards the key and liaises with Church
Updates contact details
Welcomes newcomers
Coordinate medallions
Cakes and treats

Reports accounts at conscience meeting
Banks cash
Collects and records 7th tradition donations
Pays expenses
Reimburses members
Keeps a prudent reserve (2 months meeting expenses)
Sends 60% intergroup
40% remaining to world service organisation
Should have one year in ACA recovery

Intergroup Representative
To attend intergroup and world service meetings
Communicate activity and announcements from WSO.
This information is recorded weekly
Passes on questions in local meetings to WSO and intergroup
Gets involved with committees from WSO and Intergroup

Literature Person
Order Literature
Makes copies for table literature
Displays literature at each meeting
Works with Secretary as to with literature to stock
May help Secretary with other duties.